Introductory lesson 60 mins
100 Euro*
Single lesson Check-Up 60 mins
80 Euro*
10 single lesson ticket**
70 Euro*
Single lesson 40 mins
70 Euro*
10 single lessons ticket**
60 Euro*

Small group lesson 90 mins (2-3 people)
150 Euro*

* Concessions available on request for low-income earners, trainees, students and the unemployed on production of proof of status.
** 10 lesson tickets are valid for four months from date of purchase

Teaching times: Mon – Fri: 11am – 7pm or on request

Please note:
Appointments can be made by email or telephone. Payment is due in cash after the lesson or can be made in advance by bank transfer. If you need to cancel an appointment please give 2 full working day's notice otherwise the full fee will be charged. Special conditions are possible by agreement | Workshops and seminars can be arranged upon request

LESSONS AND TUITION FEES in Würzburg und Berlin

For upcoming workshop and seminar dates in Essen and Würzburg please contact me >>

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